Two Weeks Out, Life is Sweet

Sep 28, 2021

Hi fellow sincere seekers of a lower BMI!  Great news!  Today is my two-week anniversary from having my surgery.  Including the weight lost from the pre-op diet, I am now down 40 pounds! (294 to 254) I almost can't believe it, but there it is!  

From this vantage point, I can't think of anything I could have done to produce already this significant of an improvement in my health.  Already, knees, bending, flexibility, and walking are so much easier.  Life gets better every day!  If you haven't made the decision to have your surgery and get on this new life plan, please seriously consider doing it.  

Looking back at the fear and concerns that I had in making the decision, they seem kind of silly compared to the reality I am living now.  It's also very weird, that I can look at those post-op 4 oz meals, and instead of wondering "who survives on this little food?", I now wonder - "can I really get down that much food? - it looks like a LOT!  And I think I enjoy it more for some reason now than I did before.

Also down one pant size and the smaller size is actually loose now, too.


30 pounds lost in 20 days - The BPD/DS Diet Fairy Cometh

Sep 21, 2021

*30* pounds lost in 20 days Woaaah! since pre-op fast started. (includes one-week post-op)


This is so over the top, that I won't expect you to believe it.

Here are some pictures from my new favorite toy: "the scale".

 Start of pre-op sub-1,000 calorie diet 

 7 days post-op from my BPD-DS. (includes 13 days pre-op diet)  

Here's what I've learned so far:

1) No hunger.  None. I was planning on starving myself to lose weight.  Not necessary.

2) Post Op pain was unbearable, but quickly subsided.  Off pain meds in 3 days.  Worth it.

3) Surgery was no problem.

4) Single biggest reservation/fear about getting the DS proven to be unfounded: "what if I am one of those 10-20 times a day people?"  That would not work for my busy life.  However, as it turns out, it went from 7 sudden BM's on day one (uh oh, did I make a horrible mistake choosing this surgery?) to 2 times a day, (with advance notice from your gut) - completely manageable. 

5) I actually *enjoy* eating my little (very filling) 4 oz portions of food, because now I really pay attention to it and savor the flavor and texture of it.  



why "the second time around?"

Sep 09, 2021

In about 2005, I had a Gastric Band installed.  It helped my weight loss a lot.  I started at 307 pounds, the highest I had been in my life, and I got down to a weight of 217 pounds.  This was based on hyper athleticism (riding 100 mile bike rides occasionally and 70 miles daily.)  After a couple of biking accidents, which made it so I could no longer ride, my weight ballooned to 294.  The band was no longer working, and I was so debilitated by back and joint pain, as well as the limited mobility that comes from obesity, I knew I had to take more drastic action in an effort to restore my health to a tolerable level.  

Since I had already been banded, and since my body had figured out how to fight simple caloric restriction, I decided that something more aggressive was needed.  Thus, I selected a BPD/DS surgery.  This is a little frightening, since I know that it will likely create significant "other" "issues", which I will have to manage.  Not really too worried about the mortality issue as my surgeon reports less than a 1/10th of 1% mortality rate, if I got my notes down correctly.

(Dr. Simper, Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians at St. Marks hospital).

In preparation for my surgery, to deflate my liver, and the lifestyle that follows, I have been aggressively dieting, nay, almost fasting, for the past 8 days.  What a shocking impact!  From 294 lbs to 276 lbs already, in about 8 days.  Maybe my home scale just likes me more than the hospital scale.  We'll see.

Losing this much weight by near-fasting, of course, gives me second thoughts about the surgery.  Do I really need it?  But I've been through this experience many times before - eventually, I'll get so hungry and so tempted, that I will return to eating normally, and would definitely be defeated.  So, here we go with the BPD/DS.  I hope it doesn't wreck my life!  I am, however, looking forward to less joint pain, more energy, and being able to be active again.   

If you have any advice on how to avoid the dreaded BPD/DS side effects beyond what's been posted, please let me know.  

Surgery is in 5 days....



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