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I am suffering from a persistent anemia with my copper & iron being very low.

I am working with hematologist and getting copper and iron infusions but it seems my hemoglobin and red blood are not recovering.

We did bone marrow biopsy an

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I've been working with my gastro and testing to get a better sense for my system. I'm always having very watery diarrhea and little to no formed stool.

She felt I may have sent me impaction as my last few colonoscopy preps were unsuccessful.

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Found this description on Reddit of someone's experience and it pretty much describes everyday all day.

Anyone else have similar symptoms?

"Mental effects amid iron deficiency anaemia are due to lack of oxygen to the brain. I personally

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I can't seem to learn our I'm still in denial that I cannot tolerate sugar.

I ate maybe 4 cups of watermelon ~ 40g of sugar. Was in complete food coma for next 4 hours in a comfortable chair but unable to function at all.

When I woke I

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I'm 3yrs out. 50 old male. Was 230. Now 130.

Struggling with chronic fatigue and balance problems.


Copper 20 (was less than 10) / affects iron absorption. Currently doing copper infusions to bring up levels. Hematologi

Utodc wrote Feedback please: My Labs / My symptoms 5 months ago

I'm 3yrs out.  50 old male.  Was 230.  Now 130.

Struggling with chronic fatigue and balance problems.


Copper 20 (was less than 10) / affects iron absorption.  Currently do...

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This article says the ratio should be 14:1.

But I've seen 200:30 in many blog posts.

This article says that both the iro

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Hi all.

I've posted in the past about fatigue issues. For some time my copper has been very very low. B12 and Folate are good.

I am working with a hematologist on my copper via weekly infusions. But with covid we only got started and

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I am 36 months out and have struggled with fatigue. When I say fatigue I mean face in a pillow sleeping all day fatigue. No joke.

While i haveome issues with copper deficiency which can drive anemia I've always felt food was my problem.

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For those searching for answers copper can affect red blood cell count and drive anemia.

My copper is very low at 9 and hematologist having me scheduled for copper infusions.

My serum iron is low but ferritin normal.

Just someth

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Trying to figure out my system.

As I eat during day my bowel Seems to "fill up" and mid morning will come pouring out.

If I stay mostly meat the consistency is more solid but still have the "coming out" event mid morning and often befor

Utodc wrote Bowel Seems to Fill Up 1 year ago

I seems to "fill up" and then food and a fair amount of water coming pouring out.

If I stick to mostly meat I have less water but still it all comes pouring out mid morning and late evening....

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This must be food related and I'm guessing I know which type of foods are likely culprits but wondering if anyone has these symptoms.

Here's what I ate all day.


  • eggs
  • mixedveggies


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I had surgery Feb 2017. It was to address peptic ulcer and my RNY left me with 70% of my stomach so I don't have a real restriction and can eat normal meal Size.

I am having problems with fatigue and have had all labs and some minor deficiency

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