Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 2 weeks ago

HI everyone,

I had the sleeve done and everything so far has gone really well. I was not sick really or in much pain. But I am not really losing a lot of weight. Its been foour weeks and Im only down like 12 pounds or so. I know

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 2 months, 1 week ago

I tend to go out a lot and hope that going out to eat is not too hard. I just saw a video and the lady was talking about how hard it was to go out to eat.

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Its December 10.... Ups and downs. Not terribly excited however ... Anyone else have this same feeling?

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I am required to pass a nictotine test before surgery. I have quit a full 7 days now and did not smoke too much before anyway. about 4 ciggies per day. Anyway, did anyone out there also have to do this? Im wondering if I can

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 3 months, 1 week ago

I put in a lot of work into this but my surgeon is being very difficult with me over this sleep apnea issue. They will not give me a surgery date until I show improvement with the Sleep Apnea ( which I barely have btw). I worked with the home health

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My surgeon requires that I have an endoscopy before I can schedule my surgery. As part of the presurgery blood work, I am testing positive for H pylori. If it turns out that I do have an ulcer- I'm wondering if I have acid re

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 4 months ago

So Many Hoops.. JUst got some bloor work back. Hylori positive- need further testing, Iron Level 26 ( very Low) Could make sense that I have low Oxygen levels...

ANy of you had anything like this.. In general, I just feel tired.

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I just got the results from my sleep study. Mild Sleep APnea and Hypoxemia. I was wondering if anyone else had a diagnosis like this. They want me to use a CPAP machine ( which is fine) but I am just mainly want to know- w

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Hello everyone...

I feel like surgery is quickly approaching and I'm feeling a bit nervous. I have one last step before I can get the surgery scheduled- endoscopy on 10/2 Once that is done, I'm free and clear to get a surgery date and Im getti

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 4 months, 3 weeks ago

My last step will be the upper GI which I cannot have until 10/2... So it looks like I might end up having surgery in November or December... I guess there are advantages ...

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 5 months ago

Hi everyone,

I wasn't planning on having surgery until January and I also was not planning on leaving my current job. However- I have just been approached with a few terrific job opportunities.. Still have to interview and everythin

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My Surgeons office is requiring me to take a sleep study for sleep apnea and get it treated before the surgery. I believe they are assuming that I will be recommended to start using a CPAP machine. I do not want to do this a

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I have not even had my surgery yet but I have been eating well and have lost 21 pounds over the last two months. Today, I am not particularly hungry and have stuck to my eating plan yet I still want to order this delicious chicken that I love. I gues

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Just wondering if anyone had to be opened up the old fashioned way? If so- how long were you the hospital? My surgeon thought that it might be a possibility due to the splenectomy when I was three! He won't know until I'm on the table....

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I just took my measurements.. I have a 50-inch waist. I can remember being in grammar school with a 26-inch waist. I also remember that skinny people jeans are sized in inches ie- 30-inch waist. I was wondering if losing 20 inches from your waist is

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Hi All,

I have been peppering the board with a ton of questions so thank you for all your responses. I saw my Dr the other day and told him I did not want to have the surgery and he pushed me a bit on ith the other way. He said he

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HI All,

I work from home and am getting close to getting this surgery scheduled. I was wondering how much time you all took off from work. I am hoping to maybe do this in August but October could work as well depending on how much

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I am just wondering how much weight you lost as a result of removing the skin? I figure out that my goal weight is about 140 pounds but that I will have loose skin. It's got to weigh something, right? So if ultimate goal weigh

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Hi evryone,

I have been following my drs orders and going through the process of getting approved for the VSG. That involves seeing a nutrionist who gave me a 1500 calorie a day diet to follow. I have been committed to this and done

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 9 months ago

I've been a clothes hound for years but have been wearing a 3x for as long as I can remember. Its a dream to think of wearing much smaller sizes and LuLu Lemon! Curious about everyones experiences

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Like everyone else here, my road has been a long one. But after a few years of deteriorating health including a heart attack at age 45 and being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and being on 4 medications just for that, my family, my pcp

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 10 months ago

Hello all.

I have UHC and they require a six month supervised diet or weight watchers or jenny craig, etc etc. The thing is, I have had this surgery approved and scheduled with UHC before and been on a million diets ( as we all have)

Vanvooh posted a discussion topic 10 months, 1 week ago

Hello everyone....

A little about me. I need to lose 100+ pounds and am diabetic and have had a heart attack. My medication list keeps growing and growing. I was approved for this surgery once before and actually had a date scheduled and eve

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