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Good morning/afternoon/evening! Whatever may apply to you lol!

So for about 2 and a half weeks now I’ve been back on track, for the most part! Hehe. I went from 264lbs to 248lb which is great (smaller than I was in highschool) my weight befor

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So I finally feel motivated again, I’ve definately gone through a drastic diet change, but it’s working, I’ve lost 11 pounds in 5 days and finally feel like I can do this, I guess I just thought that I sabotag

WantingToGetThere posted a discussion topic 12 months ago

I keep feeling like I'm failing. I was down 10 pounds and now I'm back where I started. It seems like I can't get out of the "you'll never succeed mindset" and "you've already ruined the surgery so the results aren't going to be optimal". I've always s

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Hi friends. Hope all is well. I’ve been back on track this week and lost 10lbs! Feeling pretty good. The only thing that is driving me crazy is carbs! I keep going over my 40g daily goal, and it’s bugging me because it’s from milk, veggies, etc,

WantingToGetThere posted a discussion topic 1 year ago

Hi friends!

i posted a month ago stating I was off track completely. I was binging on junk food and carbonated drinks and I have never felt so guilty, I feel like the surgery was a waste and I’ve reverted back to those old scary hab

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Hello everyone, I am a new poster here. I got my roux en y done in July, so I am 6 months out. I have been suffering some depression the recent months. I started out last year at 356 pounds, my heaviest I ever weighed, I am now down to 265-270, it vari

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