Becoming Wild Again in 2016!!

Jan 30, 2016

My VSG surgery was 1/25/16 and it has now been 5 days since my surgery.  I have been VERY Fortunate because I have had almost no pain, no nausea and I truly am feeling better every day!  I only took one week off of work so I go back to work on Monday.  I am also very lucky that I work from home and when I get tired I will quit for the day and take that as vacation time.  I truly am blessed with the perfect situation to be able to recover from VSG!  I had been writing my status in the posts....but it seems that nobody else does so I figured the right place is on a blog.  People can go here f they want to but it is an act they have to take.  

    Here are my stats:

60 years old, 5'5", HW 285, Consult weight 280, SW 270.  

I haven't weighed myself post surgery yet as I am just doing what I have been told to do and trusting that it will work out.  I will probably weigh myself on the morning of my week one.  I had the surgery to buy my life back.  I have bad knees and need knee replacements that I can't get until I lose weight (too dangerous).  So my knee surgeon recommended VSG for rapid weight loss.  If my knees are still painful at my lower weight I will do knee replacements.  I am actually hopeful that the lower weight will help delay the need for the knee replacements!  (That might be overly optimistic...but why not be optimistic!? ). I live in Las Vegas (moved her 3 years ago) and I haven't been able to do much because of my knees.  So I am planning to begin doing all sorts of Vegas things as I lose the weight.  

I had to cancel plans today to go out with a friend.  I didn't realize I would be so wiped out 5 days past-op.  Of course... This is major surgery so it makes sense that I would be zonked for the first week at least!  So I am sip, sip, sipping and walk, walk, walking (around my house) and sleeping when I am tired.

regarding CO2 gas....I read on the Internet to soak your feet in Epsom salt in warm water to help neutralize the co2.  So my husband bought me a foot bath and filled it with lavendar scented Epsom salted water.  Felt lovely!  So between walking and soaking....I had no co2 pain at all (at least not yet).  

Favorite Recipe (of my 2 week fluid post-op):

4oz fage zero Greek yogurt, 1/2 scoop Brthday Cake flavored protein powder, 3Tablespoons skim milk.  Mix together and eat with a spoon.  Delish!  (At Nut recommendation I add 1tsp POWDERED fiber one original cereal to help create a BM....not yet but hopefully today or tomorrow.) 

I asked many faithful people to pray for my successful surgery and my swift and painless recovery.  It feels like God answered their prayers and I am very grateful!  



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