Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Roadside Lemonade

"I drink 2 scoops of this every single morning for breakfast. It packs 46g of protein in that shake. It is light and not overly sweet. Try a sample before you buy the big can. The customer service at bariatric eating is great too!"

Dennis C. Smith, Jr.

"My surgeon is great. He is very, very informative. He is quiet and reserved, but will spend lots of time with you to answer questions. I try to get him to laugh sometimes which is hard work! He has a great staff. He gives you tons of information. He is thorough. He schedules only a 2-3 surgeries on a given day for his patient's sake. The other doctors and nurses in the hospital speak very highly of him as well. I wish they did not have to use the answering service as much as they do. rnrnThe support groups are very good. He is very adamant about lifelong aftercare especially for DS patients. I can highly recommend him."

Kennestone Hospital

"This is a great hospital, but they have a long way to go on working with bariatric/obese patients. Some of it is facilities, but other parts of it is the mind set of the personnel. I had a couple of negative experiences that were directly related to my obesity. I did address the situation with the management. I thought that my concerns were heard by them."
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