My goodness... where do I begin.  I guess I'll start with a little background.  I'm 38, married to a wonderfully kind and supportive man for the last 6 years.  I have two remarkable kids, Hannah Grace is 3.5 and Lukas Christopher is 17 months.  My battle with being overweight seemed to begin around the time I was 8 or so (prior to th is I was rather a skinny child) when lots of rotten things seemed to be happening to me.  Food was a definite comfort and friend to me when there was nothing else.  My mother aided and abetted my overeating because it seemed to make me feel good and it's all she could do to help.  (I'll spare you all the sordid details).  At any rate, I was fat from 3rd grade on.  I remember going into 9th grade and having to buy plus sized women's clothes and hating every minute of it.  In my senior year in high school I completed a wt loss program and lost 45 pounds taking me from 230 to 185 and that was lovely.  I furthered that weight loss with another 10 pounds or so while on a trip to France through wonderfully healthy food and MUCH walking.
So, I entered college at a healthy weight.  However, I overindulged with both food and alcohol and gained a freshmen #25!  From there I went on to lose a little and gain it back plus some.  I continued to yo yo through the next 4 years.  I got married at 22, was miserable and depressed and knew I was married to the wrong man but absolutely certain no one else would possibly consider asking me.  SO, I believe to subconsciously push him away and to comfort my depressive feelings, food then became my drug and I ballooned from 225 to 300 within the span of a year and a half.

Presently, I am at 330 having yo yo'd myself up to this from 300.  I currently live with my husband (Austrian native) and my children in Austria.  My turning point into actively pursuing this surgery came a few weeks ago while we were on vacation in Tirol.  We went on a 'family hike'  in the Alps at about 2000meters for approx. 4 hours.  Between heat intolerance (and it wasn't very hot) and hyperventation (combined from the altitude and my miserably out of shape body, not to mention the extra baggage)  I literally thought I would pass out and/or have a heart attack.  My lungs hurt from breathing so hard, my heart was racing and pounding at the same time, I couldn't focus my eyes, I had cold sweats and I felt like I would vomit.  Oh yeah, I slipped and fell and twisted my knee about 5 minutes into this hike as well.  And of course, the whole time Hannah is asking 'mommy, why can't you walk faster like the other parents?'  Naturally I was the ONLY fat person in this group.

I decided a week later I am DONE with this stuff, the aches, the not being able to be active and enjoy things I used to, not to mention knowing what I'll miss out on with my kids if I stay at this weight.  Being sick of the stares from people, wondering if I'll fit in chairs, in airplance seats ect. go without saying.  This holds particularly true here in Austria where 9% v. the U.S.' 34% of people per capita are obese.  So, I called and made a consult.  About 1 1/2 years ago I'd researched surgeons, WLS options ect. but just wasn't quite there mentally.  Then I was blessed with the pregnancy and my beautiful son came along.

So, there you are.  A brief synopsis of how I got to be where I am.  That being said, other than my husband, I have essentially no support system.  There are no support groups for WLS here so I am thankful to anyone who reads this and comments!

Best wishes to all,

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