Gilberto Ungson

"Very friendly, very competent. Excellent bedside manner. I became even more impressed with his credentials as time went on, he is very qualified, and is also I believe the director of his dept. as well. The staff is ok, Silvia came on strong initially, but kinda fades towards the end, and her driving is wild!!!! I cannot think of anything I truly dislike about him. He is very accomplished in his field. Aftercare is a little difficult, as the distance between us is great, but he has emailed me quickly with any questions, and I have the surgeons report from him for my PCP. He did not address the risks, I didn't want to know, I had gone over the risks a thousand times on my own prior to the surgery, the benefits outweighed the risks for me. Both were great, if I had to chose one it would be his surgical competence as best. Which is what I'd prefer anyway. "
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Apr 04, 2004
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