Here I am... Eleven years later!

Nov 07, 2017

Hi Peeps!

First off, I need to find my original blog from 2006 and before surgery.  I think it's archived somewhere.  Anyway, just wanted to pop on and say hello and to tell everyone that I still feel that having RNY gastric bypass was the best decision I ever made! 

My weight has been slowly creeping up the last few years, primarily because of alcohol consumption.  If you don't take anything else away from my post, remember that alcohol and empty calories will put you back in the poor state of health that led you to start investigating this journey to begin with!

My highest weight before surgery was 280.  At my doctor's advice, I lost down to about 260 following a low carb diet.  Day of surgery, I was 260.  Over the last year, I lost down to my lowest weight which was 149.  I then had plastic surgery in which I had a breast lift with implants, got my bat wings removed, then got my belly apron removed.  That was about the time my system figured out that slider foods were easy on my system and I then went back to grazing all day.  I mean heck, I looked pretty good for 40!  A couple of years afterwards, I split from my bf and discovered the single life which included beer and wine.  Over time, my weight gradually went up to 210.  It was at that point I told myself that I was not going to trash all the time and money I had spent to get back to where I started, so I began watching what I ate.  I wasn't very serious though.  I yo-yo dieted for a few years.  

This year I joined a pre-diabetes support group.  This group was for people at risk for diabetes.  I was not considered pre-diabetic but my mom and sister are diagnosed diabetics.  I didn't want that for myself.  I did OK on that plan for about 6 months.  Once my weight loss stalled, I discovered a new group in my area on Facebook that called themselves a low carb support group.  I started following their recommended guidelines and am now losing again.  Recently, they are moving more towards Keto so I'm trying to read up to see if I want to go that strict with my food intake.  Right now I'm following more of Dr. Eric Westman (from Duke).  His book is called New Atkins for a New You.  It's not as strict as Jimmy's Moore's Keto Clarity, but is working for me at the moment.

As of today, I'm 187.  I'd like to get to around 170-175 and hang out there for a while.  When I had lost down to 149, people said my face looked bad and I seemed to have more wrinkles than ever.  I was only 40.

I just turned 50 a week ago and am finally enjoying life!  I have a wonderful bf now who supports me in every way.  I'm satisfied with my way of eating so I don't really think empty carbs will ever be a part of my life anymore.  

Good luck to you and your journey!  Remember when you need encouragement, read the blogs of others going through the same thing as you.  You will be amazed at the strength it will give you!



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