Pamula T. 20 years ago

Congrats Terri on your arrival to the other side. Hang in there! Those first few weeks are rough, but before you know it, it'll be over and you'll be feeling great! Pamula

Cheryl L. 20 years ago

Hi Teri - welcome home and best wishes in your new life. It still means a lot to mean how you became my angel six weeks ago. I wish you a sincere welcome to the other side.

jay B. 20 years ago

Teri, WELCOME HOME GIRL. I was so glad to see the post that you are home. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery...DREAMS DO COME TRUE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVES

Anni D. 20 years ago

**Angel Sister Reporting** Well I'm hanging up my wings now...Terri is home and comfy in her new recliner. She's doing well, drinking water and doing her Boost like she's supposed to do. She was sleeping when I called this morning but hubby said she doing good. I'm sure she'll but up and around soon, back to her old self. She's done so well. I'm so proud of you Sis!

jay B. 20 years ago

TERI...I hear from your ANGEL that you are doing wo well that you can come home go girl!!!!!! Glad to hear you are doing so well. just hang in there because each and everyday will only get better....HUGS TO YOU GIRL...DREAMS DO COME TRUE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVES>Jay Biller

Anni D. 20 years ago

**Angel Sister Reporting** Spoke with Terri this morning. Her swallow test went fine! The Doctor said he was sending her home TODAY!! She's not sure what time yet but it will be today. She's sounds a lot better than yesterday...stronger. CONGRATULATIONS SIS YOU MADE IT!!!!! It's all down hill, or should I say, down sizes from here! I love ya Sis!

Jamie C. 20 years ago

Teri, Welcome to the other side, congratulations.

jay B. 20 years ago

Teri,,,,WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE........I knew you would do just find. I will continue to say a prayer for you to have a speedy recovery....take care....hugs to you girl>>>>DREAMS DO COME TRUE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVES....

Anita H. 20 years ago

Hey Teri!! I see your sister beat me to being your Angel but that's ok; I'm sure you're used to looking out for each other :) Anne - you'll have to share Teri!! LOL Anyways...I went to UH yesterday but could not find Teri. Since her surgery was running behind, she must have been in recovery and had no room yet. So I didn't get to see you Teri. But, I'll be stopping by tonight after work. My surgery was just 6 weeks ago and the nurses recognize me so I'm going to make sure those nurses take really good care of you!! LOL I'm very proud of you Teri!! I knew you could do it!!

RDSunshyne 20 years ago

Terri...YOU DID IT! Welcome to the OTHER side sweetie! I am so excited for you. You have been such a blessing in the lives of so many. You deserve every happiness in the world. Here's to a speedy recovery. YOur WLS Sister, Rhonda :o)
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