Highland Hospital

"I had no complaints about my care during this stay."

William O'Malley

"My impression of Dr. O'Malley is that he is very busy and has little time for becoming personally acquainted with his patients. I am not one who really cares about personal connections but if someone else is and wants to be able to sit and talk I don't know if he has time for that anymore. He has recently taken on a partner because they are so in demand. The longest I saw of him was in his group seminar where he addresses 50 or so of us. My 1:1 with him lasted barely 5 minutes. I had a 3:30 appointment and never got called back until 4:45 and was in my car by 5:00. The next time I saw him was in the holding room and our conversation lasted 1-2 minutes and again covered just some basic information. He did visit me 3 times while I was post-op and his troop of residents visited me several times also. My follow-up was conducted by his office PA and that is who I will probably end up seeing from now on. His office staff seem efficient and knowledgeable. Dr. O'Malley has done over 1,200 lapRNYs so they are very well acquainted with what needs to be done insurance and care wise. Dr. O states right up front that aftercare is required for this surgery - from the first 3 visits within 6 months to continual annual visits after that. He does a good job of explaining surgery, complications, and risks in his monthly group presentations. He is a very good, competent doctor - very experienced and knowledgeable with over 1,200 surgeries and 0 deaths from surgery. If competence is more important than bedside manner - he is a great choice. Not that he isn't personable or have a good bedside manner - he's just too busy to devote a lot of individual time to his patients. If you need a doctor that has the time to 'hold your hand' throughout the processes pre and post surgery, you might want to look at some of the other local doctors (although they only do open at this time) or his new partner Dr. Boss who is still building his patient list and you can get a faster surgery date."
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