Detour Bar

"Doesn't taste as good as I was led to believe. I guess it's sort of like a Snickers but with less carmel and a heavy aftertaste."

Zone Perfect Bars

"LOVE the Rasberry flavor! Has a nice crunchy texture. "

EAS - AdvantEdge - Peanut Butter Caramel

"This is quite possibly the worst thing I've ever tastes in my life. I couldn't even finish chewing a small bite. Had to spit it out."

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Warren Campus (COE)

"The rooms were small. Seemed clean and nice though. The shower was not large enough for someone of my size. The staff was very nice although when they found out my mom (who visited often) was a nurse, they kinda left her to care for me. She had to track down nurses to get me pain meds. Don't know if they were short staffed because it was a weekend or what. I was put in with a patient who had emotional problems and spent two days yelling for doctors or nurses or water about every 5 minutes around the clock. So, I didn't get alot of rest. "

Carl M. Pesta

"Met the doc at a Liv-Lite Seminar. Was very helpful, stayed after to answer all questions. The Liv-Lite office was going through several changes in locations and doctors so follow up wasn't what it should of been. However, the staff were extremely nice and helpful - I just think I caught them at a bad time. Dr. Pesta was wonderful. He's very caring and really truly interested in his patients. Dr. Keith Marshall assisted in the surgery and also came to see me several times in the hospital. I would recommend either of them to anyone. Shelly, their office help is a sweetheart. "
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