11 weeks post op tomorrow

Jan 03, 2009

So, I'm already 11 weeks post op tomorrow and am still struggling a bit with food, but do have an occasional good day.  I've lost as of today 58.4 pounds since the day of surgery and am down from a size 28 to a 22 in pants, a 3x to 2x in shirts and a 46 ddd to a 44dd in my bra.  That really does make me feel like I've accomplished something!

I'm very lucky that my husband is so supportive.  Since I'm still not eating much over 5-600 cal. per day, my energy level is still rock bottom and he has been a tremendous help with the house.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to make an appointment with a physical therapist to work on restrengthening my body and with a therapist to work on my food issues.  What I'm finding now is that when I eat I so often feel bad, either pain, or slimies or vomiting (and yes, I take tiny, pencil size bites and chew the heck out of the food but am still experiencing these symptoms) it's easier for me not to eat, and I often dont.  I know this is terrible, and won't help me in the long run or in the short term with my energy issues.  I am taking my vitamins and calcium, although honestly, I don't remember each and every day.

I've still got lots to work on, but I'm trying to keep my chin up and take one day at a time.

Best to everyone,


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