careywatkins 18 years, 4 months ago

It's been over a year since your last update!! WHAT'S NEW, girlfriend???

kylakae 18 years, 8 months ago

<table border="0" width="100%"><tr> <td width="15%"><center><IMG SRC="" width="144" height="88"></center></td><td width="85%" valign="middle"><b><font face="Lucida Sans" color="#FF3399">Happy re-Birthday, Jessica! Today marks the anniversary of your WLS. Congratulations on all your triumphs! I hope that you continue to be blessed by this surgery and that you are feeling great. May this next year be your best ever!!</font></b></td> </tr></table>

Cinna G. 18 years, 8 months ago

Happy ONE Year Anniversary to You. I hope that this post finds you healthy and happy. Please drop by and update your profile from time to time so that others can share in your wls experiences. You never know who you might inspire. Have a great day.

careywatkins 19 years, 2 months ago

where's the update and new pic??? (by the way, check my profile for pic of ME!) Take care!

careywatkins 19 years, 3 months ago

UPDATE! UPDATE!! I NEED an update!!! Hey, girl! What's new with you anyways???

Mercedes_Baby_boo 19 years, 5 months ago

Miss Jessica~~ I have to say I have throughly enjoyed reading your journal. Thank you very much for sharing with us. You seem like a very nice person and I am happy you have had your surgery. Enjoy life to the fullest!!!! Peace~~ GIGGLEWGOD

careywatkins 19 years, 7 months ago

Hi Jess!!! How are things? I'm back on-line and was wondering how things are going for you. I'll call you on Friday to chat! Later!

careywatkins 19 years, 8 months ago

^j^ ANGEL REPORT ^j^ - Just an update to let you all know that Jess is finally home. She was released yesterday afternoon. I know that many of my updates seemed negative. Well, in my defense, I don't believe that a person should go to the hospital and have to suffer or put up with crap from the staff there. There were even problems with the HOSPITAL staff when Jess was pre-op. But, I digress. Suffice to say that based on the things she had to go through, this is a hospital I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I'm just glad she's home safe and sound and on her way to a successful and rapid recovery. Thanks to all for your *support*. C

careywatkins 19 years, 8 months ago

Are these people for real??? They gave Jess potatoes and milk and she had a BAD episode!! She ate a bit too much and had to make a couple of emergency trips to the lavatory. She's still in the hospital! Did anyone else out there get POTATOES while still in the hospital??? I just don't know about St. Francis, this point I would NOT recommend them to ANYONE! This morning they brought her pancakes, a whole bowl of oatmeal, grapefruit, chicken broth, orange juice AND milk. 'Scuse me??? And to the nurse with the bad breath (and you know who you are) - all she wanted was some S/F JELLO, not the regular yellow jello with whipped cream! And now for lunch they've brought guessed it....POTATOES!!!! Hey, St. Francis, could you BRING THE RIGHT FOOD TO THE RIGHT PATIENT!?!?! Jess is expected be in the hospital for another 2 days (unless they overfeed her)....I will update more later...

Cecelia M. 19 years, 8 months ago

Oh thank God!! Girl, I have been praying for you. You are such a good person and such a strong person, I just knew everything would work out. You are on the otherside!! On your way to the new you. So glad it's going good now. Love
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