Sherry S. 20 years ago

Alice, I know that God has given you the peace that surpases all understanding. I know that as the ultimate surgeon he is there with you, the physician, and his staff. I knew when Kevin called me this morning and told me your blood pressure was way down and normal that God was completely in control of this surgery. It could of been no one else but Him. My only regret was that I couldn't be there in person with you. You have been such an inspiration to me through all of my "Trial and tribulation" years. When they look the word "Friend" up they see your picture standing next to Jesus. You are my "Best friend, my "Sister-in-Christ, and I thank God for placing you in my life so many, many years ago. Love and healing Sherry

LINDA C. 20 years ago

Hi Everyone -- One quick last note to let everyone know that Alice will be having her surgery first thing in the morning. I will be calling to check on her as soon as possible. She is a very wonderful lady who God has put in my path to support. Don't know how it happened, but I am so greatful that it did. Just a little note would be wonderful from all.

Nancy S. 20 years ago

alice as i type to tell you good luck and see you on the other side i am also asking God to hold you gently as the surgeons work His will! nancy smith

Teri D. 20 years ago

Alice, You made it the hard part is over!!!!!Now all you need to do is relax and let Him over see everything! You just have a speedy recovery!!!See you on the other side!

Trisha V. 20 years ago

Alice good luck tomorrow! Just think, all of your waiting, research and hard work is about to be rewarded! I'll say a prayer for you that you cross over to the over side with ease and joy! Pretty soon i'll be joining you! my surgery is the 26th of January. I'm nervous and it's two weeks away, I can only imagine your excitement! We're all pulling for you!

LINDA C. 20 years ago

Hi Everyone -- Just a reminder, Alice Ware's surgery is coming soon. January 18th. She is the first in line on Thursday morning. Drop by her surgery page and wish her well. Thanks, her angel with new wings.

socco58 20 years ago

Hi Alice, Good luck with your surgery. My thoughts & prayers will be with you. ^j^

Deborah T. 20 years ago

Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery...we will see you on the other side....

Sharon M. 20 years ago

Hi Alice, will soon be starting a new life! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Sharon in Arizona

Teri D. 20 years ago

Alice, I just wanted to wish you the " A Speedy Recovery" because I'm sure that everything is going to be fine!!!
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