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Jul 28, 2009

So I start my classes for WLS on the 20th of August. I am really looking forward to it!

My husband is very supportive and I am looking forward to each class I can take, my insurance (Kaiser) is helping me so much. My PCP asked me if I was interested and as I am sure many other people did, I said "NO" right away. I thought at my age I could loss the weight on my own, but when I thought about it a bit longer I realized I could not or he would not be offering this chance to me.

He told me if I wanted to see my 6 year old son turn 8 I needed to do something now or learn to say good bye to him now. I sat down with my husband and we talked about it for a while. He is so for it, what really helped was that his mother and his step mother each have had some form of WLS done each did very well with the surgery's and their losses. One lost to much ( if there is such a thing) and the other slipped and started to regain but I know she can get back on track.

The ironic part is I don't have any other issues with my health. I walk well enough for someone who is 300 plus pounds, I don't have high blood pressure, no diabetes not even boarder line, I don't have sleep apnea, we ran all the blood work to make sure in-case something was hiding.

Cause of this, my PCP says I will benefit from the surgery, seeing how this could be my third surgery in less then the same amount of years I was reluctant. I do have a friend here at my work that is doing the same thing as I am so we talk often and offer our support for the other.

Right after I informed my Dr. that was indeed interested in the surgery he got the ball rolling and with in 4 days I got a packet from the insurance company (Kaiser and its options classes) this was late May. Now as I sit here July 28th, with the understandings my classes will start August 20th I am looking forward to reading and learning about the person trapped within me.

I am looking forwards to playing with my son without the mean glares, I am looking forwards to learning how to eat and be kind to myself, and I am pleased to be placing to rest my fight with food.


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