42 days until???

Mar 05, 2010

I personally don't know yet. But I do know its my surgical date for my VSG surgery. I am looking forward to it as much as one can. I am not fearful, I have had three other surgeries before so an old pro I hope not.

I had my birthday this week, very nice 31 here's to the hope its better then 30. I wont need much hope, I am having my WLS this year and its got to be better then being fat still right?RIGHT!

What does one expect from this kind of surgery?
Well let me share what I expect.

A lot of hard work,
A lot of ups and downs
A lot of issues to come up from what I know I have been hiding behind food or what i didn't know I was hiding
A better relationship with my hubby. (Not that there is anything wrong but one cant let another love them the right way until they love themselves.) And hes the best!!!!!!!
A lot more play time with my son
A lot of un-need of clothes

A lot of wish-a-be ness, like wishing I could eat that again until the mind understand this is not a diet but a life. And if I want to live my life this is how its got to be.

And above all a lot of looking forward to the next year to do something wonderful.

So who is ready to count down with me? I know I will I have my calender and Sharpie in hand, marking the days until its time for me to sleep like a little girl on the night before Christmas hoping for that perfect gift.. ( who knew you had to buy it yourself??)


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