OBESE... Lets think about this,

Jun 05, 2010

Just a little over a year ago. I was told I weighed 313 pounds. If you follow the BMI points that's a 50.5 some docs call that Super Obese, some Morbidly Obese and well I plan ass call that HIGH!!!! If you have read my blog you know I recently had the Vertical Sleeve done. I love it, I have never felt more amazingly wonderful or beautiful (other then my wedding day) then I do now.

I wont say this has been easy honestly I am happy to say this has not be easy. I feel I did this cause I had no other choice, diet and exercise were not cutting it for me. I want to work for my health, I just needed a partner. I don't plan to be a goal in the next 7 months, Hell I don't plan to be a goal ever. If I make it I make it. If I don't well I bet you I lived longer then with out the surgery.

As of May 29th 2010 my BMI is 38.8 That's the Obese category, nothing before it... just obese.

I have lost 18 pounds since my surgery and I was rather mad about that. Until speaking with Kathie, I adore Kathie very much she is a specially trained Bariactric Dietitian. so we thought about this, that's 18 pounds in 7 weeks... That is 2.5 pounds a week....10 pounds a month....

When did I drop 10 a month and still feel good? ummm never or I would not need this surgery. So I am very happy with my 18 pounds in 7 week loss. Very damn happy.

Do I follow my Dr rules Damn straight I do. But the rules are easy to follow. My dr does not cut everything damn little thing out. This all about moderation and happy living. I can and do do that. It may take me longer to lose, but I get to enjoy all my small victories a little longer the most.

I have a 7 year old little boy whom I went on a field trip with June 1. We walked a very nice museum and the surrounding dig sites, ( the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles Ca.). I didnt get tired, I didnt get winded, I didnt sweat.... at all... Ok wow.

I cut my Hair last night 2 inches off... Right at the jaw line, its cute. I rather like it but then again I have always liked short hair.


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