Happy closet dance

Aug 09, 2012

 Well, things have been going pretty well these past couple of weeks. My wedding rings are falling off and I will need to get them sized soon. I also was rummaging through my closet today trying to find something to wear. My pants all still fit and by fit I mean will stay on. But I can take all of them off with out unbuttoning them and they look pretty saggy on me. They range from 20/22-18/20

So, I tried on a pair of  16 to see how much longer I had. I held them up and figured I wouldn't be able to get them past my thighs...they went ALL the way on and are about 2-3 inches from buttoning.. REALLY??? I have not worn a 16 since my oldest daughter was born...11 years ago. Anyway several years ago, my husband bought me some Capri's from Torid size 18.. I was wearing an 18/20 then and these expensive but cute pants would not fit. I could button them but felt like I couldn't breathe. They still had the tags on them. I slid them on this morning all the while saying.. "these things are never going to fit, they've never fit there is no way they were 18s...and then they zipped!!!  I jumped on the scales which read 233... I was 276 when I started all this back in Feb. I have a Dr's apt today and their scale is always 2-3 lbs lighter then my at home scale... I go by what mine says, but I LOVE to see the number on theirs! 

I went to goodwill before my surgery and bout a pair of 16s and a pair of 14s so I could have some at home and know when to go buy new clothes... It felt weird and I never really thought I would get there..but now I think I might be in 16s by this time in Sept! 


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