September check in

Sep 16, 2012

 Well, it's been a crazy ride so far. I am down about 60 lbs from where I began this crazy change and almost 30 from surgery. I won't say it's all been easy now that I can eat real food. I have had a few problems. All self inflicted, but it's all part of the learning how to live my new life. I hate the term "my tool" to me it infers that the surgery/pouch/stomach etc is doing all the work. It annoys me, I am not sure why it bristles me so much but it's like sandpaper on a sunburn for me. I prefer me.. I am the one working so very hard to make sure I am doing the right things, eating the right things and improving me.. yes the surgery helped me focus and getting me in the right direction, but I am still the one doing the learning and the hard work.. okay enough ranting.  I have gotten a few things stuck. I got some over cooked shrimp stuck and that was no fun at all. I also got a left over chicken baked taquito stuck. I think the chicken was too dry the next day. I also got some chicken wings stuck. Each of these I can attribute to being eaten too fast, or being too dry to go down. When I get something stuck it is an awful feeling. The pain starts out like a belch that won't come up then quickly changes to pain in the front and into my back that feels like I have swallowed a bouncy ball. It takes about 20 min and then it all comes back up again. I almost always instantly feel better!! Sugar and I are not complete enemies though I have found if I keep the sugars under 11 per serving I am okay. Anything over that and I my tummy does not feel well. I made this mistake with a 1/2 pudding cup one day when I grabbed the wrong one. I didn't have any dumping problems, I just felt  yucky for a little while. I am starting to be able to have plain water again, though not always. I have not tried proteins shakes again yet though my husband keeps pushing me to try them again. I am struggling to get in 40-50 grams of protein a day let alone 60-80 it's hard when all of my protein comes from 2-3 oz at a time. I  don't think I eat enough food at one time, I am very afraid of getting sick or stretching my stomach out, so I am careful not to eat to much. I do keep track of my weight closely and of course have weeks where I don't lose anything and feel deflated and other weeks where I loose about 5-8 lbs. I am in a comfortable 16 now from a 22/24 when I started. I didn't buy clothes in between as I was out of town..but found a goodwill and bought some new clothes. I had to keep trying on smaller sizes until they fit and went into a 16. I was thrilled. This morning I bagged up everything that didn't fit and a lot of my shirts I could cross over from waist, to waist. It was a good feeling for sure! 


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