1/2 way there!

Sep 27, 2012

 Well, it's official. I have reached my half way goal today for my weight loss! This is my half way goal from my heaviest weight back in Dec. So, as of today I am down 65 lbs from Dec. I am down 35 lbs from surgery 2 months ago. =) It's a wonderful feeling to look at a pair of pants and think.. my butt is never going to fit into those..then slide them on and zip em up!!       I am having a couple of minor issues this week, mostly it's due to some vitamin loss so I have to up my intake on certain ones. Mostly vitamin D and iron. But all in all things are going pretty well. I have not had much trouble with eating, though at my check up yesterday the Dr said I am not eating often enough and still needed to up my protein intake some. 

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