why sooooo slow????

Oct 12, 2012

 Ugh, I feel like I am doing something way wrong. I am losing so that is still awesome, but I am losing so slowly. I am sure I am not getting in enough protein and water, but I do eat and I am only losing about 2 lbs a week. I know that is "good" but it seems this early out, I could be losing a lot more per week. I am finding shape in my new body though! I can feel my bones now, my collar bone is coming out and when I lay down and put my knees together my bones rub. I still have a tummy and I hate that, but it is noticeably smaller. So, I know things are changing, I just wish I was doing better with it. 

But over all I am down 70 lbs right now so I guess that is no small step. 


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