Jul 10, 2008

I'm engageddddd!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who else can I tell???????????

...more to come!!

R.I.P Pat <3

Jul 01, 2008

I recieved a few kind messages about Patrick and I realized I never updated anyone. Unfortunately Pat passed away Sunday at 4:05pm. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Please continue to pray for his family who loves and misses him dearly. Too many bad things are happening to young people I know right now and its so hard to get through it all knowing that none of them deserve it. But Pat is in a better place now and I hope he passed knowing how many people loved and cared for him and appreciated knowing him.


Driver, 21, dies from wrong-way-crash injuries

By Drake Lucas
Staff writer

DANVERS — A 21-year-old Methuen man died this weekend from injuries he suffered last week in a crash while driving the wrong way onto Route 128.

Patrick Alaimo died Sunday afternoon at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Alaimo struck another car head-on early Wednesday morning when he drove his 1996 Saturn sedan the wrong way onto the highway just north of the Endicott Street exit. Alaimo hit a 2000 Isuzu Trooper driven by Kirk Palmer, 44, of Nahant. Palmer was treated at Beverly Hospital and released.

"We are grieving as a family," said a man at Alaimo's address. The man identified himself as Alaimo's father, but declined to say more.

The crash remains under investigation by the state police collision analysis and reconstruction section and the crime scene services section.

Danvers firefighter Bob Amerault was among those who responded to the crash with Engine 3 and Rescue 1 shortly after 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Last week, Amerault said firefighters immediately began using vehicular extraction tools to cut the door open to Alaimo's Saturn.

Once Alaimo was freed, firefighters and paramedics placed a stability collar around his neck and moved him onto a backboard. Paramedics from Lyons Ambulance began cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and Alaimo was taken to Beverly Hospital before being moved to Mass General.


Jul 01, 2008

I'm hurting! Last night I did Pilates for Abs and Scultping for arms and shoulders with hand weights. It was brutal. Then I was on the SprintMaster for a half hour. Felt good at the time but now not so much! At least its a good pain.

Oh and I really am a splenda addict and I need HELP! Is anyone else consuming entirely too much splenda? And how much is actually TOO much? I need to conduct some research this afternoon.

Today I'm craving pizza hardcore. I have a Lean Cusine one in the freezer but I'm actually feeling more creative. I think for lunch I am going to make my own on a whole wheat pita with some ff cheese and fresh veggies and then just toast it for a while. I hope its good! 


Jun 30, 2008

So I'm trying very hard to be rational and more importantly, honest with myself right now. I only lost 3lbs this week. My first reaction is THATS IT? Ugh and I wanted to just give up. But I could have gained those 3lbs, or stayed the same. So I have to work harder this next week and be honest with myself. Maybe I need to cut down on the peanut butter and olives? Definitely increase my workouts, possibly double up. I just need some encouragement right now. =(

Please pray for Pat...

Jun 27, 2008

This was a pretty good friend of mine from school, please take a second out of your day to put him in your prayers...

Man critical after wrong-way crash on 128

By Bruno Matarazzo Jr.
Staff writer

DANVERS — A 21-year-old Methuen man is in critical condition at a Boston hospital after state police said he drove the wrong way onto Route 128 north yesterday and struck another vehicle head-on.

State police said Patrick Alaimo drove his 1996 Saturn sedan south on the northbound lane and crashed into a 2000 Isuzu Trooper driven by Kirk Palmer, 44, of Nahant.

Alaimo and Palmer were both taken to Beverly Hospital. Alaimo was immediately taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. Palmer was treated and released. Calls to the homes of both crash victims were not immediately returned.

The crash happened at 4 a.m. just north of the Endicott Street exit in Danvers.

Danvers firefighter Bob Amerault responded to the crash with Engine 3 and Rescue 1.

He said responding firefighters immediately began using vehicular extraction tools to cut the door open to the Saturn.

"We cut the seat belt and were able to move the seat back to get his legs free," Amerault said.

Once Alaimo was freed, firefighters and paramedics placed a stability collar around his neck and moved him onto a backboard. Paramedics from Lyons Ambulance began cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Palmer was out of his sport utility vehicle when firefighters arrived.

The crash remains under investigation by the state police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction section and the Crime Scene Services section. MassHighway also responded.

State police closed both northbound lanes for two hours while investigating the crash scene.


Jun 27, 2008

I'm this far out and I still puked out my dinner. I had salmon which wasn't even too dry and it was terrible. It felt like it got caught and then after I was done throwing up I felt full like EXTREMELY full for the next 4 hours. Very very strange. But today I only got in 900 calories and puked up all my protein and a lot of those calories. But yesterday I ate plently more. Its weird how every day its still so different. 

I worked out on the gazelle today. It felt really good. I have this horrible pain in my hip from my siatic nerve but I ignored it. Ill have to see the doctor about that soon. Well Im off to bed because Im getting up at 6am to go walking, EWWWWW.


Jun 26, 2008

My favorite foods right now are Olives and Natural Peanut Butter. YUMMMMMMY! 

Salads filled with olives are great. I even don't mind skipping the salad dressing because they taste so good. There are 25 calories in every 4 though so I have to limit myself. And peanut butter on pretty much anything is the best. I used to hate it but I'm in a phase right now apparently. I also put a bit of club soda in my crystal light just to liven it up a bit. Tastes pretty good.

I hurt my butt yesterday doing sit ups... no clue how but I got a bruise hahahaha maybe my @ss just isn't as padded as it used to be? lol

Beach tomorrow anyone?


Jun 25, 2008

It's a beach day!

Okay I just wanted to say that I'm 17 months out and things still bother me! For breakfast I had Special K Red Berries with a 1/2 c. Simply Smart fat free milk... and an hour later I'm in the bathroom! My tummy won't stop rumbling and I feel grossssss. It doesn't always do that, only when it feels like it. I'm NOT lactose intolerant. Oh man who knowssssss.


Jun 24, 2008

Breakfast for 70 calories is fine by me! Off to a pretty good start today. I just do not feel like eating at all though. Its always like this for the first half of the day. Then from 3 o'clock on I just keep eating mindlessly. We can't be having that so I need to brainstorm some things to do to avoid that nasty habit. One thing that may work besides going out is staying up in my room or outside.  As long as I'm not in the living room I'm not as likely to keep walking to the kitchen or thinking about what we have that would be tasty. Another thing is going on here, or similar sites, talking on the phone, reading my book, working out, playing with my pup, etc. I think I can handle it.. I've gotten this far.

Moving on from me since I dont really have anything else to say... how about the subway diet? I know its way old news but since I love subway I just got curious after seeing a commercial of Jared's.. Let me tell you that that stupid diet goes against ever healthy eating habit I think I've ever learned! He went down from 10,000 calories a day to probably 1,500 calories cold turkey by SKIPPING breakfast then eating a 6'' turkey sub, no cheese, and no condiments, with a bag of chips and diet soda. Then for dinner her ate a 12'' veggie sub with extra veggies and no condiments or cheese. So basically he ate veggies on bread? COOOL. Well I'm glad he lost so much because the weight he is at now is much better than before by far but who could live like that? And the only protein he got all day was from a little turkey on his 6 inch. The rest was all carbs. No fruit. SODA! And very little healthy fat. No can do! I dont reccomend anyone try this diet and I'm ashamed that its still advertised.

Okay off the soapbox. =) Enjoy the beautiful day before the rain starts again!

You know what takes my munchies away? Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea with a splenda and bit of honey and LOTS of ice. Its kind of relaxing. Try it out maybe if you like fresh brewed tea!

The Daily Plate

Jun 23, 2008

So I just wanted to plug The Daily Plate. I love it alot. I've always used a different site but I switched over and its so easy and wonderful! Ive also started using more then jus the tracker but also the forums and groups. Another favorite thing of mine is that it gives you healthier suggestions for anything you list. 

Good find!

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