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"I read so many good reviews of Dr. Curry, and was not disappointed when I met him. He's very professional and caring. He seems to take you as a whole person and not just register you as statistics. I was pleased. And I really appreciate that he has a set program fee for self-pay patients. My VSG will cost $14,700 including two years of follow up. There's an additional nonrefundable $400 sign-up fee, and some of the pre-op testing not related to his office I may have to pay what my insurance doesn't. (Expecting less than $500 for that, as they spelled it out...and that includes the psych eval.) The staff is nice and friendly and approachable. And if you are close enough to Cinci...they have a fitness center right next to the office that is run by Dr. Curry's practice and is geared specifically for wls patients. My surgery isn't scheduled yet (that's the next step, which I expect this week) but I'll definitely update my comments afterward. AprilrnrnOK...It's a month after surgery and I still love Dr. Curry's practice. My sleeve went great! I ended up staying 2 nights at the hospital because I fainted the first night (low bp)...but there were no additional fees. The self-pay costs covered up to 2 days in the hospital...and I was glad for the extra rest! The only problem I had was that the manual given to me prior to surgery said that I'd be on pureed foods as soon as I got home from the hospital, so I only had shake-based protein drinks on hand. It turns out I had to go for 2 weeks on clear liquids (they are fixing the manual, btw) I had almost no protein for a week. I was having constant dizzy spells and couldn't walk more than a few feet without almost fainting. I finally got some Isopure, and that helped...and they upgraded me to puree' a few days early. At that point the dizzy spells faded away. Everything's been fine since then. Everyone in the office is really nice, even the nutritionist was kind when she 'yelled' at me for eating things I shouldn't have. (Too many carbs!) I'm glad I chose Dr. Curry. --April"
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