on the losing side

Apr 23, 2007

I had surgery on friday morning and slept through most of the weekend.  I was surprised to find out I had a hiatal hernia and he had to repair that also.  I think that's slowing down my recovery.  I didn't even know I had it.  weird-

I'm doing lots of sleeping from the pain meds and can't believe it's over.  I'm anxious to see the changes in the coming weeks. :)  Thanks for all the emails of support. Ya'll have been great! Kelly

2 more days and I have strep throat

Apr 18, 2007

ARGHHHHHH!  I went to the doctor yesterday b/c I had a really sore throat and just wanted to make sure it was nothing.  Well, it was something. I have strep.  The on call doctor I saw said he would put off my surgery 2 more weeks.  I called my surgeon's office and he said that he felt comfortable with keeping the date for friday if I don't have feverl.  I caught the strep really early and am take 500 mg of penicillin 4x a day.  I've gotten 4 pills in so far and already feel a little better. I'm resting a lot so I can be better by friday.    They'll give me iv antibiotics also during surgery.   

I've been sooo anxioius this week. I'm so ready to just get everything going and over with.  I'm hoping the liquid diet won't be so hard after surgery b/c I am hoping I won't want to eat like I do now.

I'll check in this weekend.  I need to take some photos for comparison. :)  Be blessed!

one more day down

Apr 10, 2007

I've made it one more day-YEA! I even went to the gym yesterday.  I've almost decided it might be easier to only drink the shakes and not do one meal a day.  I may try that today. It might be easier to just eat nothing than to just eat a little.  I did have a nonfat chai tea latte at starbucks today but I emailed the dr. office first to make sure it was ok. :)  These forums are a big help to talk to others going through the same thing or have been there before me.  I have a business meeting this weekend at the OPRYLAND HOTEL in Nashville this weekend so that will be a big challenge as far as food goes. I think we have 3 banquets. :)  arghhh  I'll let you know how it goes. I'm going to try to make it to the gym today also.  One day at a time.  Be Blessed! Kelly

day 2 on liquid diet

Apr 08, 2007

I'm counting down the days on the liquid diet. I'm so thankful I get to have one meal a day.  Right now I am starting and REALLY want to eat but I'm really proud of myself b/c I'm not cheating. I'm typing here instead and going to bed.  Truthfully, I don't have the utmost confidence that I can make it 2 weeks but I'm really trying-one day at a time.  One hour at a time-one minute at a time.  Anybody got any suggestions or helps?  Thanks so much!!! Talk to you soon! Kelly

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