Cutting the ties with the scale

Jun 19, 2012

Even a year out - i still feel obsessed with the scale, even more so than early on. I am 20 lbs from my pre-plastics goal, but it's really hard now to get the weight off. I get on/off the scale multiple times a day. It drives me crazy. Really really crazy. I go workout and think that some how the scale will magically reward me and go down and all it does is go up - DUH.

So, because every action I take - to eat, to drink - the quanitity, the quality - to exercise, how long, how hard is all connected to my obsessive thoughts about the scale - time for the scale to retire for a period of time.

I'm starting with the idea that I will go one whole month without the scale and focus on making decisions because those decisions are healthy and the right thing to do in my new life style - not because i think they will make the scale go down. I need to reframe my thinking and while i am going to be continuing to try and lose weight because I have to and want to - and will be tracking and limiting my calories - that's not going to be the center of my universe.

It's a start. It's going to be a long process, but gotta start somewhere.

Even if I only make it 1-2 weeks right now, it's ok - baby steps. But the goal is a month :)


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