10k race

Sep 01, 2012

 Ive been struggling hard core, but hanging in there. 

I ran another 10k yesterday and amazingly ran the whole thing. I needed a solid run to give me a confidence boost for my 1/2 training. Mission accomplished. While I was running, I thought back to the very first time I completed a single loop at the Rose Bowl - it took me 53 minutes (for a 5k distance). But, it took me weeks to get it done. I used to go with my nephew and we'd always start, but id always get blisters and we only would make it  mile or two.

But now, I ran two loops - 10k - in 1:11:30. It was a good pace for me as a not quite runner - I'm getting there but my pace is still in the range of most casual joggers. Not that I care because this is my journey and as long as I get to the finish, that's all that will matter'                 

Running is really giving me a good perspective on my life right now - its hard as hell, but when I do it, I get such a rush. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment, mental toughness that ive never had to pull before. So, it's helping me with the rest of my life because I can't go and be so committed to the running and give up on the rest of my life. 

Hopefully once I get out of my current funk (i only get 1 more day of being in a funk haha) I'll get back on my two feet and keep working on my issues. 


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