One pound at a time

Mar 08, 2009

Well, I have decided that one pound at a time is going to have to be OK with me.  I don't like it, but will take it.  I have increased my exercise the past 2 weeks and hopefully, that is the kick in the pants that my metabolism needs.  I am signed up to do a 5K in May.  What????  Never would I think that I could run a 5K.  I am up to about a mile and a half on the tread mill and even ran outside (in public!!)  the other night.  It felt pretty good, have to learn to pace myself.  I ran for about 20 min, came back to the house all red in the face and think I had an asthma attack, (I don't have asthma!) but I felt so damn proud of myself.  Turning 40 this year, being in better shape that I have been most of my adult life and being under the weight I was when I got pregnant feels pretty darn good.  I have been buying some spring clothing, size 12 pants and medium to large tops!  Wow.  I have purged my closets and have been giving away my fat girl clothing.  I am giving my clothing to 3 of my patients that I take care of.    I am only keeping one pair of jeans to prove how big I once was.   Never agian folks.  You guys out there keep me motivated and show me how it is done.  Thanks for all the inspiration.  A 


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