2 days after surgery

Feb 14, 2008

It is Valentine's Day and I am sore and don't feel like doing anything. I came home yesterday and was sore, didn't help that the roads were so terrible being snow and iced covered so they are really bumpy...doesn't help on my stomach coming home, just made it worse. I can't wait for the pain to go away and I can feel more normal.

Dr visit

Feb 07, 2008

So it is 2 days past the day I went to the dr appt for a weigh in and blood work done. I lost 6 pounds on this pre-op diet. Got my blood work back the next day and everything was good...so surgery is still on for Feb. 12. I am still exhausted but I am thinking that part of it is because I stay up too late and get up early to go to work. So I am down 10 days and 4 days more until surgery.


Feb 03, 2008

Well the diet is going really well, can't wait until Tuesday to go for my appointment and see how much weight I have lost. My scale is way off from MMPC's. I also have to get blood work done that day and I am hoping for that to be okay also, so that my surgery won't be postponed....that would be terrible if that happened after doing this pre-op diet. I don't seem to have much energy. I thought I would, but I feel exhausted at times. I have been getting in all of my 64 ounces of water and sometimes more. That is a big change for me because I was addicted to Pepsi and I haven't had that in a long time. I decided to try and stop drinking that a long time ago so that I wouldn't have a hard time when I started the pre-op diet and have the surgery.  6 days down on my pre-op diet and 8 more days of it. 

2 week diet

Jan 28, 2008

I have started this diet and it is okay, but I really don't like the chicken bullion soup that I picked, but I picked it and have to have it every day for 2 weeks...haha. The other stuff I picked is so much better. So the count down begins.... 1 day down 13 more days to go 

pre-op appt

Jan 27, 2008

I went to my pre-op appt which was 4 hours long, but very imformative about everything that is going to happen at the hospital and what I will need to do after the surgery. I am starting the pro-op diet tomorrow and see how that will go, I think I will do fine on that. I am excited and nervous all together.

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