Life so far......

Jan 08, 2019

So this year will be my 5 year surgery anniversary and I regret having the surgery.  I have constant heartburn. I feel like I should have stayed fat.  After eating sometimes I have to  make myself throw up just to ease the heartburn. I am eating tumbs like candy.  This is not right. If I had known that it would be this hard I never would have had the surgery.  I go see my doctor next week I am praying for some good news because I can't afford to go to Mexico to have revision surgery.  I could if o have too but that would mean no more car and still live at home until I die..... but i have to do something because i am miserable.  I pray I get some good news next week.  

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New insurance....

Nov 06, 2018

I am so disappointed right now. I am 4 years out from surgery and I have continued heartburn.  I eat tums like candy and the heartburn medication I take does not help. I am looking into revision surgery VSG TO RNY but my insurance doesn't cover it. In all honesty if I knew I would have major heartburn like this I would have stayed fat.  .  I am just gonna give up because I dont know what to do anymore.



Jul 26, 2018

So I will be 4 years out this year and i am tried all the time..... and i think i know the cause of this....... i am not taking my vitamins.  I think my levels are getting low. I have no energy to do anything, but the vitamins are so expensive and I just started back working again.  But this is a life style change for the better.  So Drea we have to take our vitamins and I need to quit being lazy.



Dec 06, 2017

So I am 3 years out and I have failed my surgery and myself. I am at 236 now and I am heartbroken by this. I have wasted all my doctors time and money. In all honesty I should have stayed fat. I just feel like a major failure right now.  


Hungry all the time

Feb 26, 2017

So I am two years out and I am now hungry all the time..... this scares me because I might ruin my stomach and this surgery would have been a waste of time. I need some help because I don't know what to do anymore 


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Almost 2 years out

Aug 25, 2016

so I am almost 2 years out and I feel like I have failed my surgery. I feel my weight slowly going back up and I hate it. My work schedule is crazy and I am always tired when I get off work. However I am making time to do 2 laps around the neighborhood. I hope that helps with my weight loss again. I know my stomach does stretch out a little but sometimes I wish I has RNY like my mother because I see so many skinny people who had VSG and look amazing. I don't know. It is what it is....



Jan 14, 2016

So I am a year and 5 months out and I have lost my motivation to exercise. I work 8 hours a day and I am so tired when I get off work..... (I work in retail) anyway I am still loseing which I find to be very crazy. My mother tells me I need to work out more but she sits at a desk all day and I have to walk around the store all day. I know that I should not count that as exercise. I just feel like if I see some weight gain then I wil get my but back in the gym. Maybe I am just being really lazy and I need to get off my fat butt........  I am just so lazy right now but working over the holiday season was stressful...... I just need the motivtion to exercise more, but right now I seem very happy with my weight which is 179.2 but my mother thinks I need to skinner and mabye she is right..... I am getting fat again...... who knows........


5 day pouch test.......

Oct 05, 2015

Question: is it too early for me to be doing the 5 day pouch test? I am one year and one month out and I know what my problem is: I am eating too much sugar, not enough protein and missing out on the gym. I know if i cut out the sweets and go back to the gym I will start to lose weight again. I am at a lost right now and I really need some HELP........


one year out

Oct 02, 2015

Omg so I have my year surgery anniversary and I feel amazing . I swear this surgery has saved my life.  126 pounds gone forever and more on the way. I can shop at Plato's Closet now and feel secure in myself.  It's amazing that junior's tops are to big now. I never thought I would fit in junior's clothes....... . I am so greatful for this surgery.  


9 months out and the return of hunger

May 05, 2015

So next Wednesday I  will be 9 months out from VSG SURGERY and I have a problem. ........ i am hungry a lot know. I am some scared of going back to where I was. I can't go back to 311 I just can't. I am so scared. What if something happens.  I really  need some advice on this hungry  problem ASAP. All I want to do is eat till I can't eat no more.  I think that I should  do t he five day pouch test to get me  back  on track.


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