One Year Before and After Picture

Nov 20, 2009


One year Later

Nov 20, 2009

Good Morning everyone,

Well I haven't been on here in a while because I have been so busy with my child since my husband is deployed.  But I feel like it is time to get on here since I have made it a year.  It has been one great year, and looking back I never thought that I would feel this way.  I have went from a size 30/32 to a size 16/18 in one year.  I am able to run after my child without getting winded, I am able to cross my leggs, run up 44 stairs 5 times a day while I am at work, without getting winded.  I feel so great, and feel like I am moving in the right direction.  My weight loss have slowed down, but my inches are still coming off.   I find myself going about every 2 to 3 months and having to buy some new pants, because they are sagging so much.  I am happy and I have to really think about what I am about to put in my mouth every time I eat.  Now I do have a cookie,but I have one and not 10.  If you are thinking about having this surgery, it is the best decision I have ever made, and I do not regret it.  I am happy and Happy Anniversary to Me. 


7 Months Before and After Pictures

Jun 22, 2009

This is me 7 months from the day I walked in to have my Weight Loss Surgery.


Before and After Picture

Apr 19, 2009


Five Months

Apr 06, 2009

Well the last time I posted a message my goal was to reach in the teens, well I did it.  I am currently weighing 318 and I am 1lb away from my 100 lb mark since I started my pre-op diet.  I am really excited and people are noticing my weight loss more and more everyday.  I have been really sick for the last week with a nasty cold and my stomach is in a lot of pain but I know I will get through it.  I haven't been working out like I wanted to this month because I am trying to get settle in the house and get my son on a routine.  I will post some new pictures of me sometime this week.  I am feeling great and  I want to encourage everyone to stick with it and if the scale looks like it is not going anywhere be patient because it will happen.  Stay encourage everyone.

Be Blessed


Three Month Appointment

Mar 02, 2009

Good Afternoon everyone,
Well I have been really stressed this past weekend and if I have not had my weight loss surgery I probably would have ate a some Ice Cream, Candy and Pizza.  My husband just left and my baby is really missing him.  I do have some good news to share with everyone. I went to see my lovely surgeon Dr. MacDonald, and he had me laughing like always.  I am officially 329lbs.  I have lost 88 lbs since my pre-op stage started and 73 lbs since I have had my weight loss surgery.  I met the goal that I wanted to be at by the time I seen my surgeon.  The last time I wrote, I said that I wanted to be at least in the 330's and look at me now.  I feel good and everyone says I am looking good, but I have a heard time noticing my weight loss.  Well I won't get weighed again until I see my Nutritionist in the first week of April.  My goal for this next weigh in is to be at least in the teens, yes, I said it, be in the teen's.  So that means I have to loose at least 9lbs but I am hoping to loose at least 20 lbs.  For the ones who is trying to decide rather to do this or not, I am so happy to do this because I feel good and I feel much better about myself.  Pray for me as I will pray for you.

Love ya


Its Been Another Month

Jan 30, 2009

Well the last time I post I said I wanted to be in the 340's well I reached my goal, I am 345 and I am so excited about that.  I have came from a long way and yesterday when I seen my PCM for the first time since I had surgery she was so happy that she told all the doctors on her side of ooffice and they all came outside their office to give me a round of applause.  SHe was happy that my BMI have went down 10 points all ready.  THe one thing she encourged me is that if I don't have time to do a whole 30 min workout, she said for me to do 15 min in the morning and 15 min for lunch or break it down 10 min in the morning, 10 min at lunch and 10 min once I get off from work.  I can do that, and she remind me to get my protein in and that is one thing I have been struggling with because I forget to eat or I don't have time to eat.  But I think GOD for what he have done for me and I am hoping the next time I see my surgeron I will be in the 330's.  I hope everyone is inspired and keep going because you can do it. 
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Six week weigh IN

Jan 06, 2009

Happy New Years to all.  Well I went to see my nutritionist yesterday to weight in and also to give me some tips with my eating and I got on the scale and I have lost 40lbs since the day I have had surgery.  In total I have already lost 58lbs and that includes my pre-op diet.  It is hard for me to notice except for the smaller clothes I have to buy but everyone else can tell I have lost some weight.  I will see my nutritionist in another month and I am hoping to be at least in the 340's when I do.  I am happy that I made this decision, because I wouldn't have lost this much weight trying to do it by myself.

One month appointment

Dec 29, 2008

Good day everyone, I know that I am a couple weeks behind from my one month appointment but I do want to update everyone.  I am feeling great and at my one month appointment I had only lost 6lbs since my two week appointment.  I was disappointed, but it was more than before so I can't complain.  I have been in quite of a stall but I am hoping I will be out of this stall by next week when I go and see my nutritionist.  When I seen my great doctor for my appointment he had them schedule me an appointment right away because I was still having trouble eating.  So I had an endoscopy on Thursday to make sure that everything is going fine for me.  I am feeling great and I do have more energy, the only thing is I am struggling with eating, and I think for me it is more of a mental thing because I am so scare that I might overeat or I might go through a dumping syndrome.  I bought a couple of workout videos and I am using them one time a day and the video gives me an hour and half workout.  I can tell I have lost weight, and when I seen my baby's God Parents a month after my surgery she was surprised on how well I look.  I am now fitting a size 24 pants instead of 28 so that really makes me feel good.  For all of the ones who are struggling or trying to decide rather or not to do it, just keep going because this journey is a journey that I do not want to turn back from.


2 week appointment

Dec 01, 2008

Hello to all, I hope everyone is having a great day.  Well I went to my second week appointment, and actually I am not two weeks until Thursday.  As most of you guys know I have been struggling with my protein and my vitamins since I got out of the hospital. I told the doctor and my nurse and they let me start on my stage  2 diet.  I have lost 25lbs since I had my surgery and my doctor was kind of happy, his main concern was the only thing I have been able to hold down is water.  So he sent me to the hospital to get some labs drawn to make sure I am not dehydrated.  Also, my wonderful doctor let me know that if I am still unable to keep things down except water he will have to do an endoscopy on me and he really doesn't want to do that right now in my stage.  SO I am excited that I have lost that much but I am also praying that this is just a little stepping stone for me. 

Take care everyone

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