WOW just WOW!

Jan 17, 2013

What a trip this is turning out to be!

My surgery was more complicated than expected...once they had me on the table they discovered I  NASM or fatty liver disease.  My liver is twice the normal size which made my surgery much more difficult...a 1-2 hour surgery turned into 5 hours!

I am so thankful for my surgeon as he was determined to complete the surgery even with my enlarged liver so I could begin a new healthy life.

My hospital stay did confirm that I am not a very good patient...I am grumpy and cannot handle pain. I cried and yelled at many poor family was just exhausted with me.

My healing is going well except for my back.  I still have numbness and stiffness from being on the table for 5 hours, but it is getting better each day.

The best news is that I have lost a total of 42 pounds so far!!!!

I am looking forward to more weight melting away and getting healthier each day!



Dec 19, 2012

It's only a day away!!!  Tomorrow morning is my surgery!

It is weird to look back at all I have accomplished the past 6 months...quit smoking, stuck to the high protein diet, and haven't even cheated on the liquid diet!  I am eating healthier things...even fish.  Trying to be more active... and most of all, saying no to chips! Corn chips, potato chips, pita chips...I have actually passed on them - AMAZING!

Guess what world....I am READY for this!



It's a DATE!

Nov 20, 2012

OMG! I got a date!!!! 

My surgery will be 12/21/12....yes I know that is supposed to be the end of the existence.  It IS...the end of my FAT existence!

GOSH, I can't wait to start my new healthier life!





GOSH....Waiting is so hard!

Oct 25, 2012

Well, my advocate did not have my Nutrition visit listed so I had to have one more appt since my last blog...but now it is OFFICIALLY REVIEW TIME!!!  We have double and triple checked my file, clearances, etc and it has been submitted it to Aetna for surgery approval this week.  I was told it could take up to 30 days...

That being said....all this waiting is driving me crazy!  I never realized how much I was missing out on before but now that I can see a better future...I am ready and tired of waiting!   I want to begin my new life ASAP!  I have so so many plans that I want to put in motion...

1. Learn Transcendental Meditation.  I will take a class in Dec.  I think it will be a great asset to assist with my recovery and keep me focused on my new life goals.

2. Rid my life of all the unnecessary baggage.. time to let go of so much clutter...beginning with my soon to be too big 5X clothes.

3. Become a bicyclist...can't wait to feel the wind in my face again!

4. Move with my love to the Pacific Northwest.  Once I am on a healthy track, I believe my confidence will grow enabling me to take the chances this fat girl has always been too scared to take.

I am so ready to live my life to the fullest...praying I have a surgery date SOON!!! 


Happy Happy!

Oct 03, 2012

So,  I spoke with my advocate yesterday and I have completed everything needed to get approved for surgery. It is now my REVIEW TIME!!!  She is double and triple checking my file, clearances, etc and is submitting it to Aetna for surgery approval.  

I am so thankful that Dr. Duncan's office has advocates assigned to each patient!  This is so helpful to make sure nothing is missed to delay surgery.  

Hopefully, I will have a surgery date SOON!!! 

So very excited!!!

Less than 2 months to go!

Sep 21, 2012

So yesterday I had may last two tests done that my insurance requires for surgery.  The cardiac clearance and PFT.  Both went great!  I was worried about the cardiac appt.  All I could think was..."they are gonna make me get on a treadmill, they are gonna make me get on a treadmill, they are gonna make me get on a treadmill!!!!".

And of course...they made me get on a treadmill...  But I survived!  I could only go for 1 minutes 40 seconds before my legs stared screaming, but hey... that is a minute more than I have ever done on a treadmill.  I even felt like I could have kept going if my legs would have just shut up!

I now have only 1 nutritionist visit left and then they will submit me for a surgery date.  It's looking like early November for me... ready to get this going!!!!
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On my way...

Aug 24, 2012

Got my letter of clearance and my chest xray done!  Just a couple of more required visits to go!


Offically a non-smoker!!!

Aug 13, 2012

Well, I went out Saturday night with my honey for a little while to see a friends band. I was a little worried that I would want to light up since I completely relate hanging out in a bar with smoking.  I am usually the designated driver so while everyone else drinks...I smoked. 

There was a girl the next table over smoking a clove cigarette which were my faves... but I passed the ultimate test. 

 I smelled it and didn't even want a clove cigarette! I am so freaked out by this as I never thought I could pass up a clove but I did!

The best part is that my honey is really proud of me! He even said I am motivating him to cut back too... LOVE him so much!

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Baby steps...

Jul 24, 2012

Well I had my first visit with my nutritionist and realize I have a lot of lifestyle changes to make.  About 2 years ago, I gave up soda and became a water drinker. So I already have that change conquered.  In the past two weeks, I have started to make a few more small changes to prepare myself for what is to come...

1. I am now 6 full days smoke free...and have no desire to smoke!  (Even my love is considering quitting after seeing me stick with it)  I found some all natural gum that I chew instead and the craving has dissipated.  It is called Peelu gum and it is awesome!  All natural, sugar free, aspartame free, wheat free, vegan and ZERO calories. Best discovery I have made lately!

2. I purchased some hand weights and have started using them each night for 30-45 minutes.  Yes, they are only 2.5 lbs each and I am still sitting watching TV but at least I am moving something instead of just sitting! And trust me, I feel the burn towards the end and even break a little sweat.

3. I am incorporating more protein and less carbs.  And when I do eat a lot of carbs now, I feel the difference...can you say carb coma?

4. I am trying to eat something for breakfast each morning... this one is still a work in progress.

I know I still have many more things to work on, but I have at least started instead of procrastinating. steps...

well I let the world know...

Jul 10, 2012

Yep, I actually posted my decision on Facebook.  Keep in mind that I am usually one of those who reads and likes everyones elses posts.  Maybe adding a handful of my own sassy or snarky comments here and there.  I am not one who usually shares my deepest thoughts or where I am going every minute or what I am having for dinner.  This is even my first blog ever.  So for me to share something personal like this is HUGE! (no pun intended...).  Also, the fact that this news on Facebook actually addresses the one thing that most of my friends and family and I avoid speaking about with each other, my obesity, makes it SUPER HUGE! ( pun intended...).

In short, I posted on Facebook to make myself accountable, so I would not start this journey and quit halfway thru.  I never even expected more than one or two close friends to mention the post.  I figured that most would again avoid the subject.  Needless to say, I was wrong...the reponse I received was totally unexpected and AWESOME!  I got many comments of encouragement and lots of "likes".  Everyone was sooo supportive...I truly am so blessed to have such a wonderful network of friends and family.  I now realize that I any fear I have is totally unwarranted.  Even if I don't see it yet, I will be able to accomplish this... I can't fail with this much support!


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