WOW just WOW!

Jan 17, 2013

What a trip this is turning out to be!

My surgery was more complicated than expected...once they had me on the table they discovered I  NASM or fatty liver disease.  My liver is twice the normal size which made my surgery much more difficult...a 1-2 hour surgery turned into 5 hours!

I am so thankful for my surgeon as he was determined to complete the surgery even with my enlarged liver so I could begin a new healthy life.

My hospital stay did confirm that I am not a very good patient...I am grumpy and cannot handle pain. I cried and yelled at many poor family was just exhausted with me.

My healing is going well except for my back.  I still have numbness and stiffness from being on the table for 5 hours, but it is getting better each day.

The best news is that I have lost a total of 42 pounds so far!!!!

I am looking forward to more weight melting away and getting healthier each day!


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