I am having my surgery on March 19th 2008. I have struggled with my weight since my pre-teens. I have gone on many diets in which some have had great success and others didn't work out at all. In the ones where i lost a lot of weight, I always ended up gaining the weight back soon after I went back on normal foods and Sometimes added more on top of that. I am now 33 and over the years i have slowly gained and gained.  Five weeks ago, I married my bestfriend and I am so blessed to have the most wonderful husband in the world. This huge step in my life has given me the motivation to take the step of bariatric surgery. I want to feel great about myself and totally comfortable finally with my body. My loving husband loves me right now for who i am and what i look like but what better gift to give both of us then this!! I should have done this years ago but I am glad i finally have the strength to go through with this surgery. I will give updates right after my surgery!! VERY excited about this upcoming  year!! :)


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