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Oct 20, 2017

I am starting the process to get surgery I have only told my husband, my mother, her husband , and my in-laws. My husband says he just wants me to do what will make me happy so it isn’t that he is against it, but he is more concerned with the dangers of it because of our two young children. Which is great because at least it is somewhat support. But my mother is dead set against it. Says “well my friends friend just  passed away and she had the surgery”, or “you’re not too fat” though she has alway put me down due to my weight my whole life. And her husband just chimes in “well one of my neighbors once got the surgery and it’s a lot of work you can never eat normal again and it just seems like too much work.”  But my in-laws, both overweight, said well just try watching what you eat and exercise more. Like I haven’t thought of that or even tried it. 


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