March 11, 2023 STILLworking to get it off

Mar 11, 2023

I have weighed in the 140's-150  for about the last 5 years.  It is an accomplishment and yet I feel i struggle every single day to drop more weight to get to my goal of 125.  i still have 20 pounds to go. I have been keto/ketovore  and that helps it stay in this range.   But I do not want to stay in this range i want out of the OVERWEIGHT category so bad.  I want to get to 125 before my circumferential lower body lift in June.  Its coming so fast, I will just have to get as much off as possible.

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Getting Serious

Mar 11, 2012

11.7 years later I am still trying to get the weight off.  I started at 323 and am at 199.  Through the years I have lost and gained some weight back so many times I can't even keep track.  I think the lowest I got to from the surgery was 185.  And that was back in 2003-2004 ish.  Since then I have been between 200-235.  I am relieved to not be in the 300 range but I am yet to be happy with my weight.  I am 46 years old.  That is too dang long to be unhappy.  So I forge ahead to get the rest of the weight off once and for all. 


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