May 31, 2012

I never thought that I would be able to say that I actually feel "normal" again.  Had a few complications (nothing related to the surgery) but I'm back.  I've lost 18lbs since my surgery date and life has really been good.  When you have this surgery, it its EXTREMELY important to have a good support system.  It really makes a difference.  My mom came in and was there to take care of my kids.  My fiance did a GREAT job taking care of me!  My kids have even been "supergentle" with me :-)

Eating-I guess you never really realize how much food comsumes you until AFTER you've had WLS.  Before I was planning meals according to what "tasted good" to me.  I never bothered to look at food labels.  Now, I plan meals according to what tastes good AND what's good for me/family.  I've always been a carb monster...now for some reason...I crave the veggies!!!!

Dinners- Were a little difficult this week.  Not because of the surgery but because when my folks come to town, they eat everything that they don't have in Indianapolis.  KOPPS-Are you kidding me!  I literally had to leave the room.  COUSINS SUBS-I had to leave the room.  the list goes on. 

WATER, WATER,  WATER-Am I drowning????? I feel like I'm gonna pop if I have one more sip of water.  Honestly, I know its not that much considering that I can ony have a sip every 2 minutes but GEESH!!!!!

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