I decided today was the day that I shared my story.  So here goes.

For as long as I can remember, I was teased because of my weight.  It's not that I was overweight really, it's that I wasn't shaped like other girls.  I didn't have the ideal shape, I was bigger around the mid section and heavy chested from a very young age.  I started to develop at 9 years old, my friend (as some ladies call her) starting coming around at that time.  I was different from all of the other girls in my class and the boys just teased away.  Eventually, so did the girls as they were all flat chested (as they should be) and well me, I was already a c-cup by the age of 12. (I guess I should also mention that I was taller than most also, I grew fast then stopped, getting taller that is).

By the time I was 15 yrs old, high school girls and boys were mean, when they weren't ignoring you, you were the brunt of their jokes and taunts.  All of this led to extreme dieting, binging and self-destructive patterns.  All the while, the adults were facing their own struggles with major job losses.  Our community at one point was at an all time high of 45 000 people and it plummeted to around 10 000 due to the main mining industry closing up shop.  So us kids were ignored for the most part as parents were trying to not lose everything.  Looking back, it was all just a bunch of bad situations making one situation worse.  My teenage generation seems to have been the most affected by all of this, the fallout can still be felt by many.

Anyhow, back to me.  After many years of sadness, and self-destructive ways, I had many bouts where my friend never showed herself for many months up to a year and a half, which caused doctors to say that I will not have children.   Well, I'm happy to announce that they were wrong there, in 2001 I had my beautiful son.  When he was 8 months old though my reproductive system shut down again and I was told to cherish my boy as he will be the only one.  Once again, I am happy to say that they were wrong, in 2003 I had my beautiful daughter.  But again, when she was 8 months old my reproductive system shut down, this time for good.  I went to see many doctors until finally after taking fertility in 2006 and losing that baby, a doctor (one that did not know me, other than reading my test results) told me that I had PCOS.  Finally, I had a name to it.  For the first time in my life, I knew that it wasn't all in my head and that it was treatable.

I spent 3 years with a dietitian that helped me eat right and for the first time in my life I was eating breakfast which was great however, I was only able to maintain my weight.  After several years of unsuccessful treatment and ballooning as high as 250lbs and suffering from chronic stomach ailments, that my co-workers complained about and high blood pressure that I couldn't control without medication.  I went to my family doctor and in tears, I told him "I give up", let's talk about some other options.

Let me give you a little background on my family doctor.

1-  He's bull headed (in a good way, I guess)  you can go see him with Migraines and if you haven't tried Tylenol, then you have to go home and try that first.  He doesn't prescribe anything unnecessarily.

2-  Don't push him......If he wants you to see 10 different people, well then you will see 10 different people

3-  Don't tell him what to do.......  it doesn't matter if you kick and scream if he doesn't think that something is in your best health interest forget it, it's not happening.

So when the topic of Weight Loss Surgery came up and he said yes, he would refer me and that I had two wonderful children that would want to see their mother for many years yet, I literally fell off my chair.  My Doctor never does anything that easy, I was shocked.

I've seen my Doctor since and like he explained to me that Weight Loss Surgery should eliminate most if not all of my ailments, he will miss me though as he's confident that we will no longer be going steady.  I will hold him to that.....LOL

So after many appointments and tests my surgery is scheduled for January 31st, 2011 at Toronto Western Hospital at 8am.

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