July 24, 2006
My psychological exam was conducted today.  This should be my last step...
July 28, 2006
All information has been sent to my insurance company, and I am waiting for approval.
August 11, 2006
Got word today that my insurance company has approved my surgery!
September 25, 2006
My surgery date has been set for
September 25, 2006.September 27, 2006
Home from hospital and feeling very good.
November 15, 2006
First fill: 10  band, received 1.5 cc, total possible is 4 cc.
Still have not vomited, ever.
December 16, 2006
Second fill occured two weeks ago.  I have a 10 band with 3 cc of fluid.  I am only weighing once a month on my band anniversary.  My last weight in on
November 25, 2006 was 217 pounds.  This is a total weight loss of 27 pounds.

I have had two incidences of “productive burping.”  I now understand were the name comes from!  Two more times I have gotten food stuck.  Each time I have a problem it is because I am not paying proper attention.

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