3 years Post Op. Wow

Dec 06, 2009

I just had an unfill this past week.  That is two this year.  I haven't had a fill since March 2008, but had two unfills this year. Funny how that works.  Turns out I am stressing myself tight lol

So here's where I am.

I started at 315 in December 2006
I got as low as 206 this spring.
I am right now 217. 
I went up to 222 last week because i was too tight.  (IF YOU ARE TOO TIGHT, GET UNFILLED DONT WAIT)

I went from a 30/32 to a 14/16 top and 16 bottom.
Sizes 9W shoe to a 7 regular shoe.
Ring size 11 to a 7
Bra 46DD to 40C/D

Life is great.  I'm not at any scale goal.. but I am at a life goal.  I can do ANYTHING I want to do.. and my weight doens't hold me down.  That's all that matters to me as the scale doesn't rule my life.

The angels in my life Dr. Curry and Lisa and Erin.. Thanks for helping me get where I'm at!


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