Why WLS?

Nov 17, 2013


I have been struggling on WHY I need/want to have WLS. My wake up call was when my husband had a truck implode around him at work and he has spent the last 7 months recovering. What really brought home to me that my weight was an issue that I couldn't ignore any more, was his hospital therapy. He is in excellent shape and the therapists were impressed with him... and I thought, if that happened to me?? I couldn't get myself out of the bed. Let alone walk with a fixator and pins in my leg. There's no way!


Flash forward and I am 3 months into my 6 month Medically Supervised Diet. But I need to understand exactly why. Not just a medical reason, but a me reason. One that during the "What the hell have I done" stage, I can hold on to. So here is what I came up with, and none of it has to do with wearing a certain size or how big my butt is.. or hopefully isn't.


I see WLS to be a TOOL, I can and will use to take CONTROL of my body. That sentence right there, is it. To stop being out of control. To stop MO CoMed's before they get a foothold and to (hopefully) fix the ones that have. 


To know that I AM worth the work!



My Top 5 Wants... (I'm sure this will grow in time)


1) To be able to go up and down stairs without crying. Specifically the stairs into the parking tunnel of my Son's school.


2) To be able to hike the trail, down and back up, at the Little Grand Canyon, with my kids, without pain and gasping for air.


3) Walk on the beach in loose sand without my knees twisting. I hate my kids thinking my "in-pain" face is my "I'm mad at them" face  :(


4) Carry a hay bale. When my husband was unable, I was useless when it came to getting up hay for our cows. I couldn't pick up a 75 lb bale, let alone tote them to the shed. I stood in the rain holding a flashlight for his cousins that did it for us. I've never felt so useless in my life. 


5) To be able to enjoy, not just endure, our trips to Disney World. I usually am looking for all the places to sit, rest, eat, shade... To actually just sit in a hot tub because I want to. Not because I'm so much pain, that I HAVE to sit in the hot tub. 



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