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"I have a date to meet him on August 5, 2003. We attended a support group that turned out to be mostl post ops but I was very encouraged, even though it isn't an easy surgery or lifestyle...I can see it as being so worth it. His office has been very nice in helping us know what we need to get together. My husband and I are going to the Sat support Meeting on July 12th so my hubby can learn more. I have spent way over a year researching but I guess we can't know too much. My psych eval is scheduled for July 8th and I have ordered the book I hear he requires us to read. My goal is to have as many of my ducks in a row as possible. I am worried about CIGNA HMO..we don't get the same story twice but I am going to follow every bit of advice to get this through the first time. My PCP is very supportive. Will keep you all informed. It did seem all of the patients at the meeting were extremely fond of this Dr and the office... I had surgery on December 4th and Dr Steward was and has been so kind through the process. I have had 3 strictures which he fixed for me and continued to be kind through all that. His office is great at communicating and seems very organized. Also very kind and available for questions we may have. I think this makes the aftercare excellent as well and we do have check ups every 3 months for the first year, then yearly. I have been on the monthly plan here myself though. I can't think of anything I didn't like about him...other than he is 90 miles away but can't hold that against him. I would give him the highest rating there is...can't imagine anything being better. He has both a great personality and is a competent surgeon. 11 Month out (November) I was just trying to up date my profile. I have had a fe wmore strctures an my all bladde ot with Dr. Steward. I stared this out worried about how many times I would have to drive to Topeka--now I wouldn' change thing or go anywhere else. He has been extremely kind and concerned through all the weird things my body has done this year. None of them serious though. My opinion and thankfulness to have him as my doc has just grown over the year. "

Stormont Vail Hospital

"Wonderful for me. Woudln't change a thing. "
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