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Dec 27, 2008

Well it's almost the end of 2008 and quite a lot to update on. I now have SEVEN cats! That happened when I became a foster mom for animal care & control. No I didn't adopt the cutest ones out of the bunch, I made a promise not to do that as they would be adopted with no problems. But when they would call me and tell me it had been 3-4 months and no one wanted them, THEN I would go get them and bring them back home to stay forever. Feels really good, because as kittens their time with me was magical and happy for them. So after a few months of losing their litter mates and being in a cage, when they return back to me they feel like they have entered the pearly gates of heaven and are happier than any other cats I've ever seen.

Anyway on the weight loss front, it's over a year later and I'm down to 217.5 from approximately 260 pre-surgery. I know it's slower than a lot of people on here, but I'm thinking maybe it's more realistic. I don't want to be on a diet for life or even for a short time, cuz eventually the diet stops and all the weight comes back. I want to lose the weight eating realistically for who I am as a person. I'm learning what my band defeats are and are vowing to stay away from them on a regular basis: popcorn, nachos&cheese, risotto in a creamy sauce.

I'm drinking regular coke again but I gave up smoking, and drinking so I am allowing myself moderate use of soda. I have no problems at all now drinking it. I still can't guzzle but I've gotten used to that. I take medications at night and sometimes I throw up after cuz of the drooling, but if I manage to time it right with a meal within the previous 2 hours it seems to cause me no problems.

I stopped working out as I was feeling weak all the time. I will start again once I figure something that I can do longterm and not just for a couple of weeks. I really hate starting something and not following through. I'm thinking of getting the Wii Fit and doing that. It looks like a lot of fun and great exercise at the same time. Course the economy is really bad right now so I can't afford it, but I will wait . . . I am patient if nothing else.

I added new pics to my profile. My hair is finally in the cut I like it. I could grow it out this way and be happy with it now. Just those darned grey hairs that make me need to keep putting a gloss back on to cover them up. Grrrr. I turned 37 two weeks ago. This time next year, I fully expect to be down to my goal weight. 

I had gained about 10lbs back in a period of about two weeks, and this week I lost it all plus more and it's still dropping off nicely so maybe now that I have some momentum this will keep up awhile. I have changed what I'm eating though. I stopped going to the movies hungry and make sure I eat before going so I stay away from the buttered popcorn and nachos&cheese. Also at dinner I stopped ordering the easy to swallow risotto in the creamy creamy sauce and have started ordering meat: lamb venison, baby veal chops, lamb chops, etc. All the tender meats that are easy to chew. I feel more satisfied at the end and not like I've overeaten. I really hate that overeating feeling and had gotten used to not having it until I started the risotto up. I am still eating my Lobster Roll at the sushi place. Only now, I am ordering a half order. If I order the full order I end up sitting there for 3 hours and eventually eating it all. I don't gain weight then, but I don't lose it either.

I'm pretty bad about eating with frequency. I eat a bite of something in the morning (pringles snack pack) and then at night about 8-10 hours later I have dinner. I've gotten used to it but it took some adjusting.

Anyway, that's about all for my update. Happy Holidays.


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