"Starting Over" Journey

Dec 01, 2018


It has been nine months since I've visited this site asking for help and support. I can't wait til after Christmas to start on a plan..... my weight is piling on! I have regained 46 lbs since reaching my goal weight of 140. Yes, I'm up to 186 lbs! I feel terrible, can't move around much due to arthritis pain, can't get into my clothes.... very depressed!!!! At least I have not regained "all" of my weight loss. I don't know were to start. Today, I just wanted to stay away from breads and sweets. My goal is to eat small amounts of protein and veggies 5 times a day. I started on my treadmill.... well at least I walked 5 minutes on it. This is going to be a hard journey but I'm praying God will help me and give me strength and will power to do this. I will post back next week to give my report. 


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