Food doesn't fit anymore...

Mar 06, 2012

This Thursday will be my 2 week post op surgevisary and I have very mixed emotions. Physically I am doing great, I am down nearly 50lbs since February 10th, which sounds awesome, but when you have 200 to lose initially, I might as well gotten a haircut.

Physically, I am doing great, I meet with the surgeon for my 2 week post-op tomorrow. Will be going back to work soon, but I will be honest, I am a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally....

I remember when I made the final decision that I was going to get this surgery. I was at Target around Halloween last year and I walked past the coolest winter leather jacket and I stopped and looked at it for about 10 min, knowing full well, it wouldn't fit me. They had the coat up to size 2XL, but I was a 4XLT - 5XLT. So no coat for me... I immediately got depressed and angry and was fed up with it all and decided, I was getting this surgery or die trying and I did it, not a swift or easy journey, but I did it and I sit here at almost 2 weeks post-op, thinking about how even though that Jacket wouldn't fit me back then... food would.

Now food doesn't fit me, I feel depressed now, food has always fit me, for as long as I can remember. I will be honest in that it is a real challenge sometimes.... This is the hardest part so far I think for me.... the jacket still would not fit me today and now food doesn't either.....

I know it is a matter of time and by next Halloween I will be buying that jacket, but I am not going to lie and say right now doesn't suck...because it does!!


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