JUNE 6,2008

My story..I promise to be to the point and try to  keep ya interested. So here goes......   I am  sure my story is like everyone else on this site.  I have dealt with issues of being overweight since I was like in 3rd grade.  I can remember being put on weight watchers and eating cottage cheese at school while the other kids ate regular lunches.  Though I dont blame my parents.  They too themselves were dealing with weight so they were doing what they thought was right.  I do commend them, but I think it made it worse because the more I could hide to eat the more I would love to do it.  Sooo...Fast forward several years. My high school years were great.  I was always BIG but I always exercised well...no wait....umm... kept active.  Ha...I played basketball and took Karate.  Oddly enough even though I was big; my small town high school always accepted me.  I was class favorites, Student Body President, picked for homecoming court, and even chosen Miss Lacassine High.  So I pretty much accepted  my weight because from my eyes everyone else did!!!  When I graduated high school 14 years ago I weighed in around 230. So when I say I have always been big I was.  After high school I obtained my LPN license and got married almost in the same year when I was 21.  I have been married to the love of my life for 11 years.  Couldnt have asked for a better husband.  He is my best friend and we truly are blessed to have such a great union. He is my rock and I have always looked up to him. He has always loved me for me.  We have been trying for probably almost 10 years on and off to have children.  We both adore them and I swear my lifes mission was to become a Nurse, Mom, and a wife.   Missing the Mom part  a lot since I have hit my 30's.  We were able to concieve a child , but then miscarried at 8 weeks back in 2004.  I have constantly blamed my weight since then and basically before because I was diagnosed with PCOS.  So I have beating myself up about that since all of this.  So as time has passed  and since then my weight has fluctuated and I have not been able to take hold of it.  I am now around 330 pounds and I am miserable.  I have no energy to do much, and my husband is very active and I love to keep up with him but I am not winning anymore.  My weight is killing me and I miss the person I once knew and always loved...ME!!!!.  I try to always keep the upbeat me, but I am always tired or I feel lazy.  So for the past several years I have toggled with the idea of Gastric Bypass or Lap Band.  I just so never wanted to get this drastic but my will power to stay on a diet is about 2 months and when I cheat I just give up.  Not to mention my husband is an awesome cajun cook and has always kicked ass in the kitchen and can cook whatever and make it taste so good.  So needless to say I have been fed well for 11 years.  Poor thing I am sure he cant say the same for me.  I defiently lack that department.  Anyway, this is my story! I love my family, my friends, and my life and I want it all back.  I want to be able to walk and not think about sitting within the next 30 mins thinking my ass would be the death of me.  I am tired of getting in the car and not wanting to buckle because its uncomfortable and actually thinking I wont get into a wreck.  Simple things that I could list a mile that I am ready to get rid of.  So I have done my pysch appt..Good News I am not nuts! YAY...Went to Lung Doc.  My lungs are great and my husband is so very supportive in whatever I choose.  Says he loves me the way I am but knows I long to be healthy.  So with all those in check my journey is just begining.  In fact, I will call in the morning to schedule my talk with Dr Richard Shimer again to set the date.  Good news is he isnt going out of town in the next couple of months so I THINK my date will be in July! I am hoping for July 9th if all goes well.  I will post when I know more.  Wish me Luck..Oh and thanks for reading this supposed to be short "My Story" sometimes I get carried away! Until next time ~AllisonG

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