Bouncity, bouncity, bounce. . . .

Dec 19, 2012

. . . . guess I should get used to this bounce up 1-2 lbs, bounce back down 1-2 lbs, than every 3-4 weeks lose a few pounds and "settle in" at a new weight. This is my new normal for a while according to my doc since I am at the almost 7 month mark.  

I am still losing, just not as easily or fast as I was.  Granted, I only have anywhere from 25-40 lbs left to lose depending on which "goal" weight I settle on.  My initial goal is 150 lbs, that is my surgeon's goal for me. . .so that's only 25 more lbs.  

I am still in an 11/12 in Juniors, and can ALMOST get a size 10 jean buttoned so I am very close to that goal. . .just a few more pounds!  I am wearing a MEDIUM in scrubs, still can't believe that one, and an XL in Juniors shirts.

My wrists look absolutely tiny and you can see my collarbones, not just a shadow!!!!!  I can feel bones I have never felt before all over the place, especially in my shoulders, chest, hips, knees and ribs. . .omg my hip bones feel HUGE lol. . . and it is very strange to be able to feel my rib cage and ribs, especially when I lay down!!!!!

I am also ALMOST in remission for my diabetes.  My hemoglobin a1C was 9.1% last year and was down to around 7.6% before surgery, and I am now down to 6.7%. . .6.5% and below is a "normal", non-diabetic range.  When I get this next 25 lbs off, I am hoping that drops me into remission and I can come off the Metformin. . .fingers are crossed!!!!

Happy Holidays and stay away from the cookies kiss


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