173 lbs. . .Happy Valentines Day to me!!!!

Feb 13, 2013

Finally, the scale is going down again!!!  I knew those 11/12's were fitting better here lately    FINALLY I have broken past that 175 lb road block I have been hitting!!!!!

Stalls stink, but they happen for a reason, we may not always like it, but it is what it is, and it is a part of this whole weight loss journey that we have to accept and plan for.  It's not nearly as bad when one hits you if you know it is coming and it is normal and you are not the ONLY one it is happening to or has happened to.

Seeing my new family doctor today, hopefully he will put me on Cymbalta for this arthritis pain; my knees, hips and back are killing me daily now!!!!  I am still working out though it is becoming painful so I have had to REALLY slow it down, but I don't want my weight loss to stall out or stop.  I see the Ortho doc on Tuesday about these knee spurs and arthritis too.  I am really not feeling another surgery to fix the spurs, I am praying he has an alternative.  I am thinking the Cymbalta may take care of my arthritis pain, knee spur pain and migraines. . .I figure it's worth a try!!!!

I still need my diabetes meds  I have tried missing a few doses and my sugar jumps back up to the 167-190 range, so I am still not quite there yet.  I had been hoping with the exercise that would maybe be the last push I needed to get off of the meds, but I guess not.  Oh well, I still have 23 lbs or so to go.  I will see what happens at that point.  

So, at this point I am down 114 lbs from my start with Bariatrics in 2006.  That's a huge win in my book!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! 


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