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Im glad your here!  Well for starters im a 22 yr old Black Female from Denver, CO. were i was born and raised.  i grew up with both parents in my life all the way up until around 16yrs old, then became just living with my mother.  I have always been a spoiled gurl my whole life;  at around 17yrs old i got pregnant with my son during high school but i managed to graduate the 1st Semester of my Senior Year so i really didnt have to worry about going to school besides going back to walk with my class.  Once my mother found out i was pregnant she then kicked me out of her house, and from 17yrs old i have been out on my own since then and YES it was a struggle but i managed to keep my head up because i refused to get an abortion or put my son up for Adoption.  I am now workikng full time and doing bail bonds on the side.  I just moved back home with my mom to save up money and clean my credit up to buy a house for me and my son.  I have been struggling with OBESITY my entire life.  I have always been a BIG GURL!  i have been thinking about Gastric Bypass Surgery since before my son came about, and never followed through with the entire procedure because of couse i got pregnant.  Now im back in the ball game again and i have considered it again.  Please follow my blog as i keep you updated on my adventrue with Obesity and correcting this issue. Thanks~

If you would care to chat with me, here are the ways you can reach me:

AOL: AlwayzEnvydBBW

Email: [email protected]

Yahoo: BigandPrettyBlkFem

Myspace.com:  www.myspace.com/bigandpretty303

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