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Oct 20, 2021


I had Gastric Bypass Surgery on September 22nd and I am absolutely miserable! I'm regretting this tremendously! Everything I eat gets stuck and I imagine it's from not chewing well enough and/or eating too fast. But it's not just when I eat solid foods, it also happened once when I drank water, then another time was when I was eating tuna solid.. I literally throw up like 2-3 times a day. 

I'm dreading Thanksgiving because we're hosting this year and making all this yummy food and I'm barely going to be able to eat. And it's not the small portions that bothers me, it's the food getting stuck in my esophagus that really annoys me. 

My mental health is not doing too good. I've suffered with depression before this and thought that this would help because who doesn't want to be thin and better looking? But now I'm starting to find that I was happier eating what I want, when I wanted. I'm just not the same. I don't want to do anything anymore, nor have the energy to do so. I cry almost every single day. Sad thing is, I could've did this without the surgery. I lost over 50 pounds on my own in 6 months before I got the surgery. I got the surgery to speed things along, I suppose. I'm just truly regretting this. 

Please tell me this gets better? Please tell me my body will eventually be back to normal? 


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Oct 20, 2021
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